Sunday, February 26, 2017

Thank You, But Who Sent Me This Significant Gift?

I'm not sure who the giver is, but I came home yesterday from a day in the office (yes, I was working all day on a Saturday trying to put a finale on a writing project) when there was a package sent to my name, but no provider of the gift given.

Apparently, someone signed me up for the socks-of-the-month club and I will be delivered a pair of socks each month for the next year. Today's gift was a squid, some socks, jellyfish and a whale.


But who sent them?

I looked into the organization and they do, indeed, send a pair of socks each month for my enjoyment, but there's no return address or paperwork that allows me to trace who the gift-giver is.

I'm stoked, however. I love funky and original socks and often make requests for such gifts, but I don't know who to thank. If they are a reader of my Crazy blog, then I want to send a special shout out for my appreciation. How can a man go wrong with a new pair of socks each month? They can't!

This is a remarkable gift and I am highly appreciative, especially given the pace I've taken over the last couple of months. I hope it is true that I will continue to get monthly socks. If not, that is okay, too, but I will have to wait until March to find out. In the meantime, I'm going to explore ways that I might, too, offer such a wonderful gift to others.

Socks are always fun.

This just in. It was CYNDERBALLZ! 
So, so Appreciative

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