Monday, February 6, 2017

Runner's Confession. After The Race Cinnamon Rolls Rock

My cousin Mark turned me on to the cinnamon rolls at IKEA when he visited one time and needed new furniture for his daughters' room. Then, they used to heat the rolls and after getting lost in the IKEA maze for an hour, it was a well-deserved treat.

Yesterday, after leaving the trace, we were driving my IKEA and I thought, "I wonder if you can avoid getting trapped in that store by entering through the exit doors."

It worked. And we were able to get right to the cinnamon rolls for a post-race rejuvenation. Of course, the kids ate Wilbur Cross High School out of all the food prepared for the 2,500 runners. This was just a dessert.

Ah, man. Is it really Monday again?

I guess it's time to regroup, reconfigure, and realign objectives, purposes, and tasks that immediately need to get done. In dossier time, every free second is spent compiling more and more information, so there's no space to do all the other work needing to get done. Well, that's handed in, so now it's time for the book chapters that are due, the planning for a new grant, and the courses that need to be reentered as a priority on the radar.

(and I had a cinnamon roll for breakfast, too. Shhhh)

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