Sunday, February 12, 2017

Smelly Dogs, Smelly Cats, Smelly Weekends, and Just Smelly.

I did something yesterday that would make my little sister proud. I actually semi-fell asleep on the couch after watching Syracuse lose and Louisville win, but then the dogs jumped on my head and made it impossible to sleep (I never nap, and when a feeling comes over me like I can, I'm always taken by surprise - I was almost out when they decided it was no time to sleep).

This resulted in back-to-back episodes of Friends that happened to be on the t.v. and I had to laugh, "I don't think I've watched the show since it was a ubiquitous Thursday night phenomenon of all of us growing up in the early 90s. Watching it now, I realize it was an innocent time and much easier than life is right now. was true fiction and mind-numbing entertainment.

I wonder if Phoebe is related to Luna Lovegood and Professor Trelawney? I always loved her and the character she played.

I think what was funnier in catching the two episodes was seeing the clothes and hairdos which seemed to be a time capsule of who my sisters used to be. Talk about capturing the times!

It makes me wonder what it would be like to go back to the college dorm rooms and relive a few of those years all over again. It also makes me wonder, "What if I watched t.v. like I used to back then?"

Um, no. Not likely. But it was fun for an hour anyway.

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