Sunday, February 19, 2017

Powering Up With Words From Connecticut Youth and Teachers

It has taken 7 months, but I finally was able to get through all the summer writing during the Invitational Leadership Institute and Young Adult Literacy Labs from CWP-Fairfield's programming. My program manager did the lion's share of work, organizing and laying out for the 4th edition to be published very soon. I simply needed to get my eyes to the text and help edit the powerful words that were submitted.

Reading the work the last couple of days have rejuvenated me for another season quickly approaching, but also helped me to realize the influences CWP-Fairfield's vision is having with all the programs. I laughed at one young man's myth from Little Lab for Big Imaginations where the protagonists were based off of Abu and Lossine. I was also impressed by the number of pieces influenced by Sydney Johnson and his Men's Basketball team on campus. Our Sports Writing Lab, Journalism Labs, and Ubuntu Academy were greatly influenced by the contributions he and his men made to our literacy programs.

Of equal note were the number of pieces that were impacted by reading Katherine Applegate's Home of the Brave and Kwame Alexander's Booked. These texts, coupled with our community project with Rick Shaefer's Refugee Trilogy, helped me to see that the larger initiatives trickled into the writing that teachers and students submitted. As I read through the work, I could easily see the influences of the different programs on each other. Inspiration definitely led to inspiration.

I didn't, however, find time to shower yesterday, as I went into ram mode to get through the writing projects and complete a couple of my own. Although I love such productivity, I sometimes wonder what people would think if they entered my house and saw me neglecting the mess I've surrounded myself with - I definitely need a day of housecleaning and organizing.

In the meantime, POW! Power of Words has impressed me once again. I'm looking forward to getting it to the publisher and in the hands of the kids and their families.

Day of rest, I'm telling myself. Ha. Today should be a day of rest (and grading).

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