Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Fancy Schmancy! @SourceCoffeeBR Caffeinated Near @FairfieldU

My colleague and mentor, Dr. Beth Boquet, picked me up on her way to the University (yes, we were working on President's Day), so we could get a cup of coffee and think about possible collaborations to host a conference on K-16 writing centers and the possibilities of building them in the State of Connecticut.

I'm not one for going out for coffee, but I love drinking it, so when she took me to a shop and ordered this fancy cappuccino drink, I said, "I'll have what she's having." I didn't make this decision, however, until I saw the heart, flower, and angel design that resulted in her mug. I needed one of those...I wanted to see how it was done.

"You didn't do that," I said to the Barista. "They only do that on tv."

Then he made mine. He did that. Bravo. Magician. Craftsman. Wizard. Coffee God. I guess it is an art form and the coffee was delicious.

I needed the caffeination, too, and accomplished a lot of budgeting in my office, got on top of my grading, went to the gym, answered several hundred emails, and then prepared for classes this week. I have Source Coffeehouse at 2889 Fairfield Avenue to thank for this. They started my day out perfectly, and all day long I kept thinking about how angelic and loving the morning bloom was to energize my day. Even now, writing about it this morning, I feel the caffeine of yesterday moving through my body.

The scone from Source Coffeehouse, too, was fantastic. I now have a new location to meet and take friends. I'm grateful to my colleague to carpooling me to work this morning and for finding a "Source" to kick off my days from time to time.

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