Saturday, February 25, 2017

Bloomed. Two Years At Mount Pleasant. And Warm Temperatures

You know you're working at a University when...

...on a Friday night you read four texts to catch up for lessons coming next week... spend the afternoon editing and revising a manuscript that doesn't quite cut the mustard... look over syllabi to measure the semester's pacing and whether or not you are on par with the plans you set forth... catch up on news for the week and wonder if the United States of America is still the United States of America that you've dedicated your life to... go to bed on super early... get up early to pack your bags for a day of writing and planning so you can survive the week coming ahead... eat cheese and crackers and think, "Now that was a good dinner."

Actually, I came down the stairs yesterday to see that the Amaryllis bloomed once again, marking the 3rd anniversary of when we learned we would be moving into Mt. Pleasant. The first time it bloomed is when we were transitioning to a new home, and now it seems to be in the habit of blossoming just at the time when an anniversary is in store. There are two blooms, as alway...

...the real bloom returns from college next weekend for his first week off from school. Perhaps one of the reasons I'm trying to get on my game this weekend is so I can enjoy the company next week when he's back in the house.

And as far as this whacky weather, I have to say, "Great." I love running outside without jackets, gloves, and hats. But now the dog thing she needs to shed, the birds think they need to mate outside my window, and the buds push their heads out ready to bloom. As I told my neighbor who gave me a shot of blackberry brandy while walking the dog last night (he was sitting outside with his friends), "Don't get too used to this. We'll be miserable and indoors in another week, I'm sure."

Still, I take it where I can get it.

Finally, congratulations, Stags with Tyler's last-minute buzzer shot and the W over Canisius. That's two exciting endings this week.

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