Thursday, March 23, 2017

Happens Every Time @LBility. You Call and Then You're a Superstar!

After teaching in the morning, I ran over to a school in Bridgeport to do a 3-hour professional development workshop, before running to the train station to catch Amtrak to DC for a 5-hour trip. Alas, the train was 2 hours late so I arrived around midnight.

Ah, but as I was presenting (never fails), my phone rings. It was Lossine, who I haven't heard form in a while because he's a working man now (who finds times to take photos of his fancy suits - cough cough- purchased in Connecticut -- cough cough, but doesn't have so much time to call me any more). It was great to hear from him and to know that he's finding happiness in the adult life following in my sister's steps. If he keeps heading in this direction, he will meet a bearded buy like Dave real soon, then he can complete my little sister's trajectory.

No, kidding. It really means the world to know he's doing well and is happy. I told him, however, "I got to go, I have teachers I'm working with." He tells me, "No, I have to go. I have a customer to take care of." So we go...

Then I look up and see he's standing on my screen and all the teachers were looking at him wondering why I answered my telephone in the middle of a season. As you can see here, the image on the screen, was not what was projected. Nope. It was Lossine.

I sent him the photo and he said, "The Great Whatever does it every time."

And that is true. The Great Whatever. So looking forward to having quality time with him soon (and maintaining my Corn Hole King status).

In the meantime, I have politicking to do!

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