Saturday, March 11, 2017

A Writing Our Lives Event, NYC Style #TellYourTruth

Excited to be in NYC for the 2nd year for a Writing Our Lives Event: 

(Magic Egg Poem)


You must #TellYourTruth 
as a king with lightening bolts, 
who waltzes through cyberspace with a kaleidoscope, 
who is critically minded 
as he tries to cope,
and who roasts the fresh-air ice-cream with electric cantaloupes
in a flavor-filled feast of library books and dungeons. 

You must be liberation 
with spicy hope, 
Earl gray tea walking 
a slippery tight rope, 
a no need to say yes-type,
when you can simply say nope
with golden rings rings and dark dungeons,
you graciously grope forward
to simply to #TellYourTruth

You are the freedom, the letting go,
the taste of sun, a regal face, you know.
You are the ruler of language in this big city, 
who nestles alphabet letters into speech bubbles, whether nirvana or shitty, 
who invests nothingness from the nincompoops
 & nastiness from the narcissistic.
You are the landscape of words, and the chapter book of onomatopoeias.
You are poetic neophytes who need to #TellYourTruth

You are the Queens with etiquette,
magical movements like Missy Elliot
You have the royalty of the Diva 
because you are the speaker of many voices, 
the circulator of ideas and 
a dancer of dialogue,
taking action with your sound.
#TellYourTruth #StandYourGround

Be the mic, the word amplifier and the voice baton. 
Be the language that is eloquently sung, 
Be the story that is sophisticated swung and
the spiritual spit that it brings (and brilliantly has brung)
game into the spirits and souls of the universe.


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