Saturday, March 4, 2017

I Knew It. It's March After All. It Was Inevitable

The cold has returned, as I knew it would. It hurts to be outside.

But, it's warm inside. The kid returned and we caught up over dinner at Paradise Pizza and a Blackish marathon. It's somewhat surreal to think about life elsewhere taking place and being caught up on "and then this," and "then that," and "of course this."  

The best part of the reunion. Gleams. She simply spazzed out a licked and jumped and whined and licked and jumped  and whined and was simply thrilled her buddy was home. She comes running up to him as if to say, "Are you sure you're here? I'm so glad your'e here. Oh, good you're here."

Chitunga has returned for a week - a super early Spring break. It was somewhat of a test...know that when I return home, I last for ten minutes and I'm off to the next thing: hopping home to home, event to event. Not the case here. Home is home (which for me, this is true, too).

We didn't get the snow, I will spend this morning grading and catching up on all the materials I haven't found time to get to).

I'm ready for hunkering in for the day.

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