Friday, November 3, 2017

Well, Hello, Boston. This Louisville/Syracuse/Stratford Guy Is Coming To Say Hi (Briefly)

I promise to post more about the incredible, wonderful achievement of Shaun Mitchell and the O'Toole Teacher Leadership Award I nominated him for (and he's receiving tonight). I will save that reflection for tomorrow (if I can get to it on time).

Today, I simply drive to Boston. There's something I love about the city, but I must say I have a bit of a jinx: I always have to zoom in and zoom out whenever I go there. I'm good for less than 24 hours - the ceremony, an overnight stay, and a return.

This bums me, too, because there are so many Bostonites I'd love to see (a big contingency of the Class of 1990 now call this location their home).

Nope. Too many other obligations and with St. Louis on the horizon, I need as much laptop on Mt. Pleasant time as I can get. Still, road trips are always fun and I look forward to talking with my road-date, Marge Hiller, Executive Director of the Bridgeport Public Education fund who co-nominated Shaun with me.

Meanwhile, last night's English nite was a hit and I got to hear my colleagues highlight the major and discuss awesome projects they're involved with. I sat at my desk for much of Thursday reviewing NCTEAR proposals and doing budgetary work for CWP-Fairfield.

Today, however, I'm in the car in celebration of a phenomenal CWP-Fairfield teacher. I'm most most looking forward to the short film put together by the documentarians who visited the school in Bridgeport (and wondering if any of my silliness made the cut).

So, hello, Boston. Be kind to me while I'm there.

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