Friday, November 10, 2017

A History of Teeth. Well, A Good Bill and Medical Report - No Cavities.

Here's to flossing, Colgate, and persistent perseverance. I made it through another dental appointment with no cavities (which in Crandall land is a good thing - since I was a little boy, the dentists and me do not have such a great history).

But mom! Why do I get all the cavities while Casey and Cynde don't have any? I brush more than them and I try as hard as I can not to eat sugar.


Seriously. I have spend my entire life in a dentist chair and I have said for many years, "My mouth is worth more than I am?" My crowns, alone, are a house payment. Bring me back to Louisville, and my days in a dental chair were plentiful. The University of Louisville dental school, nitrous oxide, contestant visits, wisdom teeth removed. I've been through the ringer.

My dentist in Connecticut, however, is in a transitional phase. He is handing over the his office to a new woman with new tools, new technology, and another way of doing things (I had my teeth power washed today. Power! Washed!). I always fear the result, but this time, I had positive results: X-rays, bit-screens, flossing, and dental rubs. I'm good to go for another six months.

Then, too, I got to leave with gift bag of new products. I'll take it. It isn't a root canal, cavities, or crowns. I simply get to smile (which is so different from my total dental history). Phew! That is a profession. I couldn't do it, but I will happy dance that I'm in the clear until May.

Woot Woot!

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