Monday, November 13, 2017

@NCTE Preparation Isn't Only The Handouts, Presentations, and Travel Arrangements.

The trouble with an empty nest in 2017 (which was not the case last year when Chitunga and Edem were on Mt. Pleasant) is that Glamis the Wonder Dog needs companionship and a house-sitter. Spending the last three days in my office arranging materials for our CWP-Fairfield presentations, also sparked the need that my house will need items for Glamis's dog sitters: more biscuits, candy, chips, drinks, and easy to fix meals.

On my way home from the University last night, I swung by Big Y to get house items to make my dog-watchers feel at home. It's always odd to stay in a stranger's house, especially when the stranger won't be at home to entertain. I am grateful to Omar and Abonga for stepping up and helping me out.


This is a throw back to my teaching days when I traveled to Japan, Denmark, and even Vermont while working in other locations (had to have Jon, Lacey, and Quartez watch the dogs at that time).

While in Syracuse, Mimi Sue and Papa Butch were always willing to take Baby and so departing from time to time wasn't a stressor. Baby was family. This year, I've had to try something new. And I am also thinking of all the times I was a dog sitter for Sue and Dave in Kentucky. Then, I was the one that moved into another's home to make for the smoothest trips possible.

This was on my checklist for NWPAM and NCTE '17 preparation. Now I have to get my Monday and Tuesday class work complete so I can work like a dog before leaving on my jet plane to St. Louis. I can't wait, but travel is something else. Of course, I return to more classes at the University and Thanksgiving. If I didn't love it all, it'd be maddening.

Here's to all my colleagues around the world who are in similar anticipatory mode: cats, ferrets, and gold fish.

At least the yard doesn't need to be watered at this time of year (at least in Connecticut).

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