Sunday, November 5, 2017

Found a Great GIF to Use on My Course Website for End-of-Year Course Evaluations

The University sent out links to the end-of-the-year course evaluations and knowing how much students love filling them out, I thought I'd add a GIF to the page to at least create some sort of humor and conversation. I know the evaluations help me tremendously to tune my courses, especially those that I've taught so many times. I need to know what is working, not working, and might be changed in the future. As I change course texts often, I also like feedback on those.

Yes, this is a little premature, but most post-Boston, my brain was thinking towards NCTE and getting ducks lined up for the rest of the semester. Wouldn't it be fun if our students had to create GIFs to rate the classes. I might make that an assignment. That could be a lot of fun.

Now I am thinking about this day and the number of presentations that are occurring this week. I probably should head to the office and take advantage of a printer and some serious quiet time.
I'm actually looking forward to the organizing I need to accomplish. Rumor is there's rain in the forecast and that always means that staying on task is much, much easier.

Whoo hoo! Live. Work. Courses. Conferences. Presentations. Papers. Grading.

Thumbs up. Thumbs down. It is the work I chose for myself.

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