Sunday, November 12, 2017

Hibernation Is On The Radar. Packing Away for Winter. Temperatures, I Hear You.

Well, lawn. You're mowed. And I must say that the lawn care I paid for did its work. Usually, there are dried out patches of dirt after the summer months, but the spray and reseeding has filled out the property nicely. I can't complain.

I know, post-hernia, that I should put my Superman cape away and wait for help, but I got a bug in my head to get the tables and chairs into the shed (and to bring out the shovels and snowblower - hmmmm, can I nurse that machine one more winter?) and I manned up and carried everything myself. The umbrellas are in. The chairs. The hoses. The lawnmower. We're packed for the snowfalls to come and because we've had a frost, I don't anticipate that the grass will go crazy with growth.

I also entertained Abonga and Omar, who will be watching Glamis while I'm in St. Louis and who, as Ubuntu graduates, proven themselves to be remarkable kids. Abonga has a car and the two of them are at Housatonic now. They

know where everything is and are excited about walking the dog every day (and brushing off all the dog hair - "I wouldn't wear black clothes if I was you.")

Then, I entertained William and Jessica, who will be presenting with me several times at NCTE and who are always fantastic company. It's hard to believe that they were my graduate students and now are colleagues who make magic happen in the classroom.

The crockpot did it's magic and we had curried chicken, green beans and cranberries, and a made-up black and red bean dish. We got our protein.

Today will be a day in the office printing out more handouts for the week to come and prepping the back to back classes that will arrive Tuesday night. I also need to stock the house with youth-friendly foods (e.g., Doritoes and lemonade - that was the request). Of course, upon return, I will be hosting another Thanksgiving dinner for whoever wants to stop by.

The back patio always looks baron when I prep for winter. I love my backyard - live back there - but in the winter it becomes vacant space for snow pileups and dog poop. Now, if only I can find a truck to get rid of my ol' furniture that is taking over the garage. I need that space and it is next on my home to-do list. Might have to wait for Tunga though. I can't load that furniture in a truck by myself.

Here's to Sunday, which will bring Monday and the busy agenda ahead.

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