Thursday, October 26, 2017

Nope. No Chicken Marsala. My Twin Sister @pamelaMarieKell Had Pizza, Instead

So there's a place in Milford called Lassie's. A few weeks ago, a discovery was made that they have Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday chicken menus where all food is $10. The portions are plenty, the place is packed, and it really is delicious (they also have good Manhattans).

Well, I am too busy to go out, but I can easily be tempted to go out, especially if it's a Wednesday at Lassie's and I can eat Lassie's Chicken Marsala (not Masala...I typed that in, exists, but I am not doing Indian food after I almost died in Monroe after eating too much spice).

Crazy, but my hint(s) never took. I sent gifs, a song, emails, and texts. "Let's go to LASSIE's," didn't work. Nope. My twin sister separated at birth (but a couple of year's older) ordered pizza with her daughter. Yes, I was invited over for that, but it was a chicken night. I wanted chicken.

Sigh. I ended up with a salad and sliced sausage links. It's all good, because I also graded quite a bit and cleaned (some).

Their Chicken Marsala, though. It's going to be on my mind until I have it again. I've always loved mushrooms, and coupled with their mashed potatoes a...well, it's a great way to spend an evening mid-week, unless...

others have skewed priorities.

Chicken Chicken Chicken Marsala Marsala Marsala.

No matter how many times I say it (or how much I hinted all day) it just didn't happen.

Then, when I walked Glamis, it started to pour when we were 2 miles out. I got soaked for a second day in a row. I call it symbolism.

This too shall pass.

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