Sunday, April 30, 2017

Went INTO THE HEIGHTS Yesterday, & Dang, I Was Impressed

A few weeks ago, my friends Bev & Leo invited me to see a show with them at a cabaret in Bridgeport. I said I was in, but I didn't know what I was seeing or what I was getting into it.

Before the show, and after a morning of writing in my office, I finally made it to Brewport Bridgeport for their pizza and ales, but I still didn't know where we were going or what we were going to see. I simply knew I was going to take the evening off and enjoy myself.

Well, it turns out that we were seeing Into The Heights, in which Lin-Manuel Miranda won his first Tony (he's the lyricist and genius behind Hamilton that is getting a lot of attention). I haven't jumped on either band wagon, and until last night I really didn't pay any mind to to what the celebration was about.

But then, in a cabaret of Bridgeport, I sat through a 3 hour production and was blown away by the lyrics, story, dancing, and multicultural funk that could only be New York and totally U.S.A. I also didn't expect the incredible talent in the Connecticut production or the wonderful staging that we experience. Pam said to me, "You were captivated in this. I could see it in your lack of restlessness." I told my twin sister that I was dreading 3 hours in a theater. Ah, but I was wrong. I was totally blown away.

I now want the score of this show and to learn more about Hamilton. The clever ways musical genres were mixed, American funk was tossed in the musical genre, and a continued hope for the American dream was presented had me hooked. Actually, it wanted me to pick up a pen and begin to write my own show. The words were simply powerful.

And with that, I will leave you with an original performance from the night when it won in 2008. I'm slow. I'm out of touch. I'm the antithesis of hip and pop culture. Ten years later found me in the Delaware and there I was yesterday, getting schooled by an incredible show I wasn't expected. I feel fortunate to have seen the show. I'm inspired.

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