Friday, April 21, 2017

Yesterday Was 4/20, So I Honored The Holiday With Grass (Seed)

Oh, home ownership. I've been sitting in my house overwhelmed that I have this space and yard, but I'm the only one residing here right now. It is weird to feel so small in such a house, minuscule because it seems so empty. But, it's all good.

Chitunga informed me that when you Google Map the house you can see my Hulk-mobile, but the backyard looks terrible compared to the neighbors. Well, they pay for people to come in and spray their landscape so they have the perfect green lawns. I am Butch's son, and I want to be proud of my own lawn - one I wasn't prepared for in CT, with its rocky soil, crab grass, and Long Island sound wildflowers. I envy those that don't have the whacky grass issues.

Last night, I cashed in my Home Depot credit card points and purchased a $100 worth of soil and grass seed. Here I am thinking, "Did I just spend that much money to compete with my neighbors?" Um, I did. Landscaping. I want more and more green. I want to be like my neighbors who have plush lawns like my father's. We'll see if this works.

The weatherman, well Al Roker, says that it will be a washout today and that was my quest, to rake, scrape, scrub, and shovel as much as I could. Around 8 p.m. I finished putting down the grass seed to address the dirt canals that have been caused by the competitive breeds of greens that grow in this part of the United States. I hope I am successful, because what those "green" companies charge, just seems ridiculous. At this point I can't justify it, but I might give in - these parts call for it.

The good news? It's raining. I have a day to retreat behind my computer to grade and write before an important Faculty meeting in the afternoon. I met my goal. I got the seed and dirt now...let's hope it works.

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