Monday, April 17, 2017

Sad To Leave the CNY Family, But a Great Easter Break For Sure

Mom thinks that it's because the people being entertained have become bigger, but Dad doesn't remember ever having so many people in the dining room for a holiday feast. I simply remember the kid's table, but I remember it being packed. I know the ritual continues: squash, creamed potatoes, ham, green bean casserole, roles (and peas for Mike...which Chitunga also ate).

Regardless, we managed to fit and the feast was delicious. I love knowing that Mom and Dad are at the head of the table with the glow behind them. They made this possible - they made this happen (even though I'm sure my mom is cursing this morning saying, "I know there was a reason I gave up hosting years ago. It's too much).

And the Barnwells weren't even there this Easter because they are vacationing in S. Carolina. They were missed.

The April feast-fest ended, and it's time to finish out the Fairfield semester. I am totally feeling fulfilled by the visit with family and feel thankful to have some time to spend together. The weather was unseasonably warm, so we got to spend some of the togetherness outside - which is a teaser to everything I will miss this summer when the BBQ season begins and they are in 'Cuse and I'm in 'Ford.

Abu asked, "When are you guys leaving?" referring to Chitunga and me, and I had to remind him, "He's with you now, remember? He's a Syracuse kid."

I'm now kicking myself, too. Cynde asked, "Do you want to bring cheesecake back with you?" I said, "No, I don't want the temptation." Mom asked, "You want to bring some of these easter candies back with you?" I responded, "No, because I will eat them." I should have taken them up on the offer (and I left two weeks of creamed potatoes with them, too).

10...15...20...30...40 years ago, a photograph like this could never have been predicted. I guess that is the beauty of getting older, of aging, of watching family evolve as it does.

Love is love is love, and I'm so thankful there's so much of it for us to pass around.

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