Thursday, April 13, 2017

A Little Event, Then a Nice Spring Drive All The Way Home

During the years I lived in Kentucky, American Idol debuted and and for a little while, it became part of the pulse of a nation - the way the country flowed with the rhythm of week to week routines. Years passed, it continued, and in 2015, Nick Fradiani was America's Next American Idol.

Yesterday, he was a colleague and judge for the 6th Annual Voices of Hill Central Poetry Slam. This is the 5th year I've participated as a judge and mentor and each, and every year, it gets bigger, better, and greater.

The success of Hill Central is historical and it has taken the passion of many to make it the special place that it is today: administrators, youth, parents, staff, and a little special sauce (cough cough, Nick Fradiani is really special sauce) has made the location one of a kind in Connecticut Schools. It was a true honor to be part of the program yesterday, before voyaging to Syracuse for a short break before finishing out the semester.

This is a special school - there is no other location quite like it. I feel blessed that I've been able to be part of its journey!

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