Sunday, April 23, 2017

Last of the Birthday Socks Arrived! Thanks, Cynderballz

It is a bittersweet post today, because my last package of birthday socks arrived from the once-a-month sock club that Cynde signed me up for. This pair? Cactus? Cow skulls, and sunshine. I modeled the pair with my hands, but moved them quickly to my feet before going out for Indian food.

Um, Indian food. So delicious, but my stomach is on fire. It burns and I feel like there's a chimney in my stomach aligned with red peppers and acid. I knew while eating I was going to regret it later on.

I am regretting it now, because it is later on.

These birthday socks are great, however, because they arrived each month in a gray baggie and when you open it up, there's a gift-wrapped bundle of socks. The excitement of what's too appear is totally awesome and I was stoked to get this final pair.

I've said for some time that someone needed to go into business to get funkier pairs of socks for men, and I am so glad someone is cashing in on this idea. It is totally brilliant and I'm 100% happy about my sister's present.

If Mike didn't spoil the sender in February, I would have found out today because there was a note in there that said, these socks were given to you by Cynde Isgar! That was a bonus, too.

So much much love.

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