Saturday, May 20, 2017

Last Stop of the Mini-Break, Target Practice in Monroe

Well, the short-lived rendezvous ended with pulled chicken and friendship in Monroe. Although it was a left hand shot and no deer in sight, Chitunga was able to get his inner Katniss on with target practice.

The house is packed up for his return for a summer class at LeMoyne and the beginning of a new banking internship in Syracuse. He gets to experience a Central New York summer while we deal with the similar months in Connecticut.

Today will mark another graduation at Fairfield University with undergraduates in the morning and graduate students in the afternoon. It doesn't look like rain or horrific hot temperatures, simply a wonderful day to celebrate those who have completed degrees.

Glamis is pooped. She is ready to curl up and call it a trip (and will likely sleep for several days to catch up on the zzzz's she lost out on).

These are the transitions and they are healthy ones. All one needs is a target to aim for and goals to fulfill. Independence is on the radar and what he's wanted all along. I'm proud of him, and this is what it's all about.

He's an incredible human being; I know what matters most.

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