Saturday, May 20, 2017

Cousins! Wyatt Almost Got Glamis Into the Ocean. Almost

We are packing to leave today. Actually, we are heading to my Aunt and Uncle's for his famous pancakes, and then heading east on Long Island to take the Port Jefferson Ferry. The ocean winds have been cold, but two blocks inland, and it was 90 degrees. Running, I was drenched. Got my the ocean, and I was freezing. I did get my ankles in the water and it was, well, winter cold, It will warm up. Wyatt loved it...Glamis not so much.

And so will end my 4-day attempt of taking a break (of course, in these 4 days, the State of Connecticut has reduced my budget by 10% and needed a report in 12 hours of how this will affect our work; an emergency meeting was called with one of the grants I'm working on; 14 people needed recommendations for graduate schools and employment; and summer work is gearing up with parent emails and inquiries.

The only difference of me in Connecticut and me here, is I can pretend I'm on vacation by walking down the street, and enjoying the change of scenery with the Crandalls on this side of the Sound.

I love my cousin, and I love his daughters, his dog, and his home. I'm determined to find a way to raid a substantial amount of money (ha) to build a writing retreat at his house, so I can come and do projects - I simply relax here and feel centered. A few days in and I feel rejuvenated and focused.

I think Chitunga is still processing it all. It's a lot to take in at once, but if anyone can make sense of it with incredible insight, it's him. He sees. He understands. He processes. He challenges. And he makes insight I've never thought about before.

The salt air. Brilliant.

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