Monday, May 22, 2017

4-Day Getaway. Check. Graduation. Check. Sneezing. Check

I'm too tired to do the math of how many graduations this makes, but I'd have to take three years from my undergraduate years, and 12 years from my K-12 maybe I've been doing graduations for 25 years of my life. I have to say, though, that it means more in the ritual of the University. I love marshaling the students in and celebrating their successes - here, graduate school.

Also amazing? The 35 Ph.Ds in Nursing that walked this year. Stupendous. Wonderful. Impressive.

This year, however, I realized how fantastic it feels to be on the other side.  A year ago, Abu and Lossine finished their work at Brockport; Akech completed LeMoyne; Werdi moved from OCC to a 4-year school; Edem graduated from Medaille. It means more when you see those you've worked closely with complete their dreams. It made me think ahead to Chitunga's graduation in a few years, and how much that day will mean to me. It's something.

I didn't attend my two Masters from Louisville, or the program of Bread Loaf School of English - the pomp and circumstance wasn't on my radar. I did attend my PhD ceremonies, though. They were for me and I wanted to soak up every second of the ritual.

And Fairfield's celebration is rather incredible, especially when the weather cooperates. We host everything outside and today was low 60s, no humidity, and a cool breeze. It was very pleasant, making it extra special.

This is all to say, "Congratulations, Graduates!"

For them, it's a step in the right direction and a moment in time. For my colleagues and me, it is a ritual, a rite of passages we relived every year, and a reminder that our investment in education is most important.

With that, I return to work! Much to do...much to do.

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