Saturday, January 21, 2017

Insight Gained from Listening to the Inauguration

In twenty three yeas of traveling back and forth to Syracuse (actually, that's 27 years, counting my undergraduate days), I don't think I ever imagined the foresight for driving home today. Coming up beyond Lafayette and Tully, and seeing the city of Syracuse in the distance, I realized, "Wow. This isn't my return home, but Chitunga's beginning of a 2nd home."

He is arriving to LeMoyne College and move in is this morning from 9 a.m. to noon. He will be continuing his accounting degree and earn both his undergraduate and Masters degree.

This trip was not about me, but it's all about him. Big changes.

And I didn't watch any of the inauguration, but listened to it, instead. I think I was spared much from hearing and not viewing the transition. I love the fact that there's potential for a change in power ever four years and although it may seem agonizing that four years doesn't go fast enough, it's a guarantee that what is today will not be what is tomorrow. The checks and balance, coupled with elections, makes sure of this - it makes it different than any other government on earth and we must be proud of this, no matter what insanity results in a free election.

That is why I am thinking about what President Obama said in a departing speech, "It never is a period, it's always a comma."

I also was fond of another quote I heard today (although I don't remember who said it) where one president told the one coming in, "I hope you are feeling as happy about entering this position as I am about finally letting it go behind me. If you are feeling that happy, then I totally understand."

Driving into Syracuse today, I realized that the transitions in life are always everywhere. And Tunga's move to Syracuse is a big transition for both of us.

"It's not a period. It's a comma."

And with that, I will be moving him in and learning what comes next. Very proud of him. I know he is ready - perhaps more ready than I am. I realized this yesterday when he said "farewell," to Glamis, his dog.

No period. Just a comma.

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