Saturday, January 28, 2017

And I Survived. It's The Weekend. Work To Be Done. But I Survived.

As part of the Philosophy of Education course, we read an article about social justice education and Jesuit traditions, and I asked my students to have a "show and tell" with 10 items from that they could bring to class to depict who they were as human beings.

As part of my philosophy of emphasizing community, I want my students to learn from one another and to recognize that their values are often in line with those of neighbors: what we hold true to our core is typically familiar to what other promote as "good" and "right" in their own philosophies of being.

This is the 2nd year I've offered this activity and I love watching students make connections with their classmates, especially as items resonate with their worlds and they see the humanity between one another, rather than the differences.

I was thinking about this activity this week, as I brought a lot of responsibilities to a close. I thought I would use today's post to "capture" ten items that made this week what it was. I am wiped out, but I am very fortunate to have the opportunities that I do.

  • A Photo of Glamis looking out the window. Every night this week, the canine-extraordinaire has been looking for Tunga to pull in the driveway (he's on his road to find out, but the dog still wants her daily fix),
  • A copy of the Poetry For Peace publication. I am so proud of my colleagues who uphold the verse of so many southern Connecticut youth,
  • Anmol Tabassum receiving the 2017 MLK Student Vision Award (love this kid),
  • A composition book. It is priceless to experience the writing of young people and this week's Writing Our Lives As Kings and Queens Youth Leadership Academy participation did not disappoint,
  • A fish and chips dinner. I'm laughing that Chitunga met up with the parental units at the Cicero American legion for lunch yesterday (so much love knowing that this happened),
  • Attallah and I hugging. It's been too long since we've been able to team-present with one another,
  • The Writing Our Lives logo - being on NWP radio with my Syracuse crew made for a fascinating conversation and tremendous hope for what is possible,
  • A container of cooked pasta. Edem can cook! I came home twice this week and dinner was prepared without me having to cook it!,
  • Strings. All over my house is evidence that Glamis will shred her toys in the zest and joy of doghood. I need to sweep and vacuum, but love knowing that she does as she does, and
  • Dr. Fania Davis. Before this week, I didn't know Angela Davis had a sister. Her keynote helped me to see that MLK's vision is more than is a seed of all the work still needing to be done.
I actually failed last night and came home to simply do a non-academic night. I posted photos, caught up with a few phone calls, played with the dog and actually went through a couple of On-Demand shows I missed. The brain wasn't working, and that was okay, because I had to save the few cells I have left to complete projects this weekend. 

It's Saturday and I'm going back at it is 3...2...1.

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