Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Another Wonderful Gesture From the Old Couple Next Door

I came home last night and saw a red bag by my garage door. I had a hunch who it was from, but I didn't know. My guess was right - the old couple from Poland put together a package for Chitunga and me (they don't know he left for college). I will share the goods with Edem, who has moved in to Mt. Pleasant while he works in a local hotel.

In the package was a note that said, "Thank you, neighbors, for shoveling and snowplowing our driveway and sidewalks."

I simply think, "Of course we do." They are not able to do the work. The husband has a difficult time walking to his car, and the wife, although active and working most of the day, shouldn't have to pick up the weight of wet snow.

In the bag was a box of chocolate from Poland, a bone for Glamis, a toy for Glamis - with squeaker (she destroyed that in a three-hour frenzy leaving plastic and cotton all over the place), a basket, and two bottles of wine. Maybe they have binoculars next door, because they definitely know us.

This is the second time they've dropped off a random act of kindness and I am very thankful. Because Edem's birthday is Wednesday and there is only two of us to celebrate it, I am thinking that we will deliver half the cake to them (I plan to make the Alice cake that she taught me to bake while living in Kentucky).

It's the small gestures that tell the biggest stories. I am very fortunate to have these two next door.

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